Our Mission

Welcome to the home of the Sustainable Confidence Course for women who want to be genuinely confident —and powerful— without sacrificing kindness.

To help you live a more satisfying life, I’m combining my decades of experience as a high performer’s Career and Executive Coach with kindness based mindfulness practice.

Loving-Kindness Works is dedicated to supporting and empowering you to be a confident, kind, and effective leader in your life.

Wouldn’t you like to connect on a deeper level of authenticity and joy with your colleagues, boss, kids, partner, friends, and community? This level of engagement offers more satisfaction and meaning, something we’re all missing in today’s world.

Originating from the Buddhist Metta practice, Loving-Kindness is a meditation encouraging the mind towards compassion for oneself and others.

This practice has transformed my life, and I know it will do the same for you.