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Sustainable confidence from the inside out.

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LovingKindnessWorks is a new learning community for women who don’t want to sacrifice kindness for power. I’ll share updates about classes, retreats and products that will support you in your personal and professional journey to get more of what you want!

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It’s your time!

How would you like to ask for a raise and get it?

How would your life transform if your rules & boundaries at home were respected?

Are you ready to speak up in meetings, so your ideas get the attention you deserve, instead of someone else repeating them and reaping the rewards?


The LovingKindnessWorks signature class, Sustainable Confidence: for Women Who Don’t Want to Sacrifice Kindness for Power, is a 6-module course providing specific strategies and practices you can weave into your life to increase your emotional intelligence and happiness while improving your relationships, and leadership competencies, at work & home.

Can you already feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders?

Breakthrough to your genuine confidence!

Explore the elements in your life that are blocking your confidence so you can overcome, breakthrough, and move forward with ease.

Be calm & frazzle-free.

Tap into your genuine sense of calm to communicate responsively instead of reactively—without losing a sense of urgency or strength.

Set boundaries. Create joy.

Learn how to set boundaries that earn you respect, enable you to work more effectively, and strengthen your connection with others.

Connect authentically.

Be at peace with yourself to enrichen your connections with the people who matter most

I help clients refamiliarize themselves with themselves.

I help them stand in their power.

I help them build confidence that grows & lives on long after our work together ends.


Have you tossed and turned the night before a big presentation or job interview and wondered how you were going to make it through without totally embarrassing yourself?

Do you know in your bones that it’s time for a promotion or a raise—or a complete career change—but feel shaky and unconfident? Wonder how you could possibly speak up or muster the courage to make such a transition in your life?

I work with clients on their confidence challenges all the time. I’ve helped women clients find the strength and confidence to speak up in meetings, develop their leadership presence to increase their credibility, and gain much-deserved respect from supervisors and colleagues…In short they learn to take effective actions they didn’t imagine were possible.

Self-doubt can be tamed. Together, and with a community of likeminded women, you’ll develop strategies to keep you connected, genuine, and secure. LovingKindnessWorks is your new go-to learning resource to help you be your best self.

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