Loving Kindness Cards

Loving Kindness Cards


These Loving-Kindness Reminder Cards have been created to support you in remembering to be kind and loving to yourself, and others. It’s so easy to fall into thinking in ways that don’t serve you – or others. With these Loving-Kindness Reminder Cards you can work on replacing those critical or otherwise negative thoughts with phrases that can help you to switch your frame of mind to another perspective that brings a sense of ease and peace. Remember, your emotional state of mind is contagious! All beings are connected, so your small part in simply thinking more kindly has a profound effect on the world around you!

You may choose to post these cards around your home, maybe keep one in your wallet or a few in your desk drawer at work, put one in your car where you can safely see it. You might share a card -- or a few – with others. These little cards can be there for you where ever, and whenever,  you need a reminder to shift your thinking.

These boxed sets contain 52 cards with various lovingkindness phrases, (that originate from the Metta meditation, a 2600 year-old traditional compassion meditation) and others, that help you to incline your mind towards kindness, ease, and peace. There are also two cards that have been left blank so you can create your own card with phrases that suit you. You’ll also find one card with ‘instructions’.

Orders will be shipped via US Postal Service. Discounts are available on bulk orders for educational and mental health organizations; please call 877-872-3929 for information.

Thank you so much for your interest and your order!

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