is a new learning community and a place to replenish yourself.

Welcome to the home of The Kind Confidence Course for women who want to be genuinely confident — and powerful— without sacrificing kindness.


Calm the voice taking up space in your head that stops you from speaking up, showing up, and taking the crucial actions you know will most benefit your life.



I’m combining here my decades of experience as a high performer’s Career and Executive Coach with kindness based mindfulness practice – the two things I know truly help women and men live a satisfying life.

Loving-Kindness Works is dedicated to supporting you to be that confident yet kind, effective leader in your own life.

Wouldn’t you like to connect on a deeper level of authenticity and joy with your co-workers, boss, kids, spouse, friends and community? This level of engagement offers more satisfaction and meaning… something so many are hungering for.

Originating from the 2600 Buddhist metta practice, Loving-Kindness Practice is a meditation which encourages the mind towards compassion for oneself and others. This practice has positively impacted me – transformed me. And I know it can transform you. This compassion practice has been studied at Stanford University, Harvard Medical School and many others, to understand why this practice helps millions to overcome anxiety and depression which are now considered at epidemic levels in the U.S.

People who regularly practice Loving-Kindness meditation report

  • an increased ability to hold a bigger perspective when faced with challenging situations

  • feeling more generous, open-hearted, able to focus on another person during conversations and meetings

  • they recover from emotional upsets more quickly

  • the ability to repair relationship rifts more swiftly

  • the ability to feel more at ease in their daily lives



The world needs your power!


After years of teaching both career transition classes, and mindful awareness practice classes, I realized the real magic is when these two seemingly separate topics come together.

Job and career change is stressful and often brings up our deepest insecurities… something my clients and I work through every day! As I started bringing the practices of mindful awareness and loving-kindness into my classes, participants could feel new, genuine shifts happening. It turns out when you learn to connect deeply to hear what’s true for you or others, and take actions that are true to you -- you bring your aliveness into everything you do!  Work, relationships, opportunities of all sorts start to show up! Your real power shows up, and you and the rest of the world needs that power!