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Sustainable confidence from the inside out.

Sustainable confidence from the inside out.

Calm the voice taking up space in your head that stops you from speaking up,

showing up, and taking the important actions you know will benefit your life.



LovingKindnessWorks is a site dedicated to supporting and empowering you to be a confident, kind, and effective leader in all areas of your life.

I’m Daisy Swan, a Career & Executive Coach for nearly 30 years.

Before anyone knew the term “life coach,” I was already coaching some of the world’s top performers in the creative, corporate, educational, and startup environments, helping clients gain clarity to move in the direction of their dreams.

To help you live a more satisfying life, I’m combining my decades of experience as a high performer’s Career and Executive Coach with kindness based mindfulness practice.

Wouldn’t you like to connect on a deeper level of authenticity and joy with your colleagues, boss, kids, partner, friends, and community? This level of engagement offers more satisfaction and meaning, something we’re all missing in today’s world.

Originating from the Buddhist Metta practice, my programs use a foundation of Mindful Awareness Meditation and Loving-Kindness practices to help you strengthen and encourage the mind towards compassion for oneself and others. From this foundation, you can truly build a sense of sustainable confidence.

These practices have transformed my life, and I know they can do the same for you.


Working with Daisy…

When Daisy Swan shares her unique skill set with you, you thrive professionally and personally. Her presence and insight provides you with the clarity required to take those crucial next steps. With compassion and candor she gets you moving in the direction of your dreams. Whether helping my son transition from college to employment or helping me embrace life after raising a family full-time, Daisy’s support and expertise has proved invaluable. She’s a coach, a mentor, and a wise guide. Her experience as a business coach combined with her extensive training in mindfulness practices allows her to address the whole person. We have benefited tremendously from Daisy’s depth and breadth of knowledge, creativity and dedication.
— L.G. - Entrepreneur

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The world needs your power!

I’ve developed a new class for women I meet and work with everyday. The Sustainable Confidence Course has been designed for those women who want to be genuinely confident —and powerful— without sacrificing kindness.

After years of teaching career transition classes & mindful awareness practice, I realized the real magic is when these two seemingly separate topics come together synergistically.

Changes in our careers can be stressful, and they often bring up our deepest insecurities, something my clients and I work through every day!


Your real power is within you

As I started bringing the practices of mindful awareness and Loving-Kindness into my classes, participants could feel new, genuine shifts happening. As it turns out, when you learn to connect deeply to hear what’s right for you or others, and take actions that are true to you, you bring your aliveness into everything you do.

Opportunities of all sorts start to show up!

Your real power shows up.

I’m here to tell you that the rest of the world needs that power!


You deserve to own your power


Even the most ‘quiet,’ ‘soft’ woman can exhibit and own a profoundly effective personal power.

I’ve worked with too many women who struggled with confidence, not showing up as the strong leaders they were destined to be, uncomfortable speaking up or taking actions that might rock the boat.


These lovely, kind women didn’t know how to shift the power axis in their environment at work or home. They didn’t want to lose their gentle way of being or the trust of those who only know them in that way. And I don’t want them, or you, to lose that kindness. In fact, I want to magnify that quality in a whole new way.

No more hiding out as the nice girl who gives away her power, her ground, her generosity. Instead, bring your kind-heartedness into everything you do, but in a way that allows you to get what you genuinely want without bitching or bullying.


It’s time for you to step into your truth.

Do you feel the frustration of working with bullies?

Do you attempt to speak up, but for one reason or another, your voice doesn’t impact others to get what you want—at work or home?

Do you yearn for traction?

Are you ready to show up?

Do you want to feel more kind-hearted and less aggressive?

Are you tired of allowing others to misbehave because of your fear of confrontation?


course coming soon!

In the Sustainable Confidence Course, you’ll learn:

To develop critical self-awareness using simple practices to work with your undermining thoughts, helping you take the risks you know you have to take.

  • To develop a new, non-judgmental point of view (something so hard for most of us!).

  • To calm yourself down, to regain your composure, to lead your own way.

  • To develop your relax mode so that you can access peace, even during your busiest days.

  • To expand your genuine executive presence from the inside-out without faking it!

  • To speak up and be heard, to be taken seriously by your team, your boss, and your family.

  • To stay connected to your purpose – the ultimate motivator!

Say goodbye to fear.

Say goodbye to defeat.

Say goodbye to exhaustion.

Say goodbye to everything you think you have to be to survive in this world.

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Loving-Kindness leads to confidence by:

  • Increasing your awareness.

  • Shifting your perspective.

  • Teaching you to recognize new actions.

  • Helping you create new self-talk so you can get out of your way.

  • Shifting long-held assumptions about you - and others - which changes how others relate to you.

  • Magnetizing job opportunities, promotions, romantic possibilities.

  • Deepening your communication and connection with your kids and loved ones.

  • Opening you up to live more authentically, from a grounded place—to be your genuine self without fear or distrust.

  • Allowing you to ease up. Relaxation + Action = Confidence.

Once you learn to work from a Loving-Kindness perspective, you’ll not only find new ways to connect to yourself, but you’ll also start to excel and succeed—and you’ll enjoy the success more fully, with greater joy.


How would it feel to be present for your joys, wins, and accomplishments?

When you’re more open and available, you can take actions that are important to your success, to reaching the goals you set for yourself—and that’s the power paradox.

It’s time for you to enjoy more presence, mastery, and joy.

For over 28 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people at all levels and life stages. I’ve found that my clients who are in transition seeking greater focus, healthier ways to relax, and most importantly, those who are in search of more productive ways to let go of their destructive thought patterns learn to unlock a new world of dynamic potential.

Join me and other likeminded women to meet your goals!